Back To Life is founded on the tenets:

That the body is an entity of unfathomable intelligence and design that, barring interference from a sub-optimal lifestyle, will always gravitate towards the radiant health and happiness that is our essential nature

That “dis-ease” is neither inevitable nor random, and that personal responsibility for one’s own well-being is paramount

That every so-called “incurable” condition can and has been healed

That the most powerful and immediate way to shift one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state is to shift what we put into our mouths and absorb into our bodies and transform into the fibers of our physical forms

That we are infinite and infinitely-connected Beings, cells in the body of the Earth, who is but a cell in the vastness of the Uni-Verse, who is but a cell in the infinity of the Multi-Verse

That nothing is separate, and everything is sacred, and Love is Who We Are.


Our Mission


We are at a galactic and planetary turning point. The substances we use to fuel our body, mind and spirit are the most direct and immediate means of which we are aware, to support an easy, graceful transition from darkness to light. We are not saying that food is the only way, as there are many ways. Food just happens to be the way that has made the strongest impression on us, so this is what we share.

Following the night, the sun is always going to rise. It needs no human hands to pull its beams over the horizon. Likewise, on the evolutionary spiral, darkness is now giving way to light. Conscious consumption is the way we choose to flow in harmony with this inevitable coming of day.

Because WHY NOT surrender to the infinite intelligent design of the Multi-Verse? WHY NOT live in a state of bliss and awareness? WHY NOT upgrade millennia of illness and suffering to glowing health and happiness? WHY NOT re-discover and re-turn to our truest divine creative expression of ourselves? WHY NOT share what works for us with others? And learn in re-turn?

The night will have it's time once more, following the natural cycles of the ages. But right now, we open to the dawn that is come, in Gratitude and Love for All That Is. 


“Feed Life With Light”


Back To Life is the longest-running raw organic grab-n-go vegan food manufacturer on the West Coast, offering body-nourishing, soul-sustaining, life-energizing gourmet cuisine to Southern California since 2003.